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How do you even pronounce "Covailnt"?

Covailnt- /’kō’ vālənt/ – noun
Trusted freelancer connections for painless collaboration. Derived from co-available; to succeed/avail together, and rooted in relationship chemistry.

Covailnt is a social collaboration platform built for freelancers to find whoever they need, with the freedom to collaborate however they want. Here is more info on how our crazy spelling came to be.

Who is Covailnt meant for?

The Covailnt community is open to any kind of freelancer, independent contractor, moonlighter, or contingent creative professional. A lot of our members have a digital or creative background, but we aren’t exclusive to any one particular niche.  Our members leverage Covailnt’s platform to find other freelancers with compatible skills to take on their own projects together.  If you’re looking for partners, teammates, or simply need reinforcements, this is the place to find them.

On the flip side, Covailnt is a place to be discovered by other freelancers too.

Recruiter or Staffing Agency?

You probably have a your own set of questions… let’s talk! Send us an email

What does Covailnt actually offer me today?

There are two ways you can use the Covailnt platform.  You can join as a member (and receive all the perks that come along with it) or you can simply view and post to the community feed.

Members get a customized profile showcasing their skills, background, and availability. These profiles make up the member directory, which has been built to make browsing for other freelancers with complementary skills and real-time availability a breeze.

Covailnt’s Community feed is a great way to get the word out across the community – members and non-members alike. Post your need to find potential partners and collaborators, or share your own availability to be discovered by other freelancers. Standard posts are free, but if you find you need more visibility, any post can be boosted for $4.  These boosted posts get shared across Covailnt’s social media and slack group, featured in our newsletter, and appear at the top of the feed.

So... do I use Covailnt to find or bid on freelance jobs?

While it is certainly possible to find work through Covailnt, this platform isn’t a job board or marketplace. The opportunities you’ll find come from other freelancers on the network, collaborating on projects they’ve sourced themselves.

Covailnt is a place to bring your overflow work, or pieces of work you simply need a specialized skill for.

Let's talk money... do you take a cut from each project?

Flat out: No.

Freelancers work hard to establish their rate by demonstrating their value. We won’t ever undercut that by tacking on some fee to each project. After a member finds a partner or collaborator, we get out of the way so that collaboration can happen however both parties want.

Basic Covailnt memberships will always be free, but some freelancers may choose to upgrade to a Premium or Verified membership to take advantage of those perks.

What about my information...are you using it in ways I wouldn't easily realize?

Rest assured, we take user privacy very seriously.

You can read through our Privacy Policy, but let’s quickly cover the highlights:

When you register as a member, we’ll ask for certain information (your name, email address, and your account credentials to set up your account). Sometimes we aggregate user data anonymously to understand our customer base better. We use this information to optimize your experience and improve the platform as a whole. To make your life easier, we use cookies so you don’t have to log in every time you visit the platform.

We don’t sell your personal data, and limit access to third parties. Covailnt does not store credit card details and instead relies on Stripe, a third party payment processor, for this.

Worth noting: Covailnt’s privacy policy only applies to the private information we collect. Posts to the Community Feed and your user profile info is public and could be shared or reproduced.

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