Covailnt community….are you still here?

AskCovailnt community….are you still here?
Brandan Baki Staff asked 2 years ago

Who’s still here and active? I love the idea but it seems like things have gone silent. Is it true or are we all just so busy that we don’t have the time to network. I sure hope that’s the reason.

3 Answers
Wendell Slater Staff answered 2 years ago

Recent sign up here- I really like the UI design of this site, and the way that RP are counted. I hope it sticks around and gains traction again.

Brandan Baki Staff answered 2 years ago

Well, welcome! It’s a well-built community but it seems everyone has been quiet for a few months. Not sure if it’s going to rebuild or go away. I hope it sticks around. We will see!

Wendell Slater Staff answered 2 years ago

Sounds good! I’m a patient man, and will continue to be involved as it grows. 👌🏿

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