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Anton Kutikov


Javascript / E-commerce developer





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Freelancing Full-time


Hello, I am a Freelancer with 3++ years of experience in developing websites, as well as some mobile apps. I am proficient at HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, WordPress, PSD to HTML and WordPress Themes.

Websites that I create are optimized for both mobile and web, as that is one of the main things employers ask me to do. I pay attention to details such as website loading speed as well as SEO optimization. I’m looking forward to great and challenging projects, and don’t mind working independently or as a part of a team.

My skills:

* Front-end: HTML / CSS / Javascript / Meteor

* Back-end: Ruby / PHP / REST API / SQL / NoSQL DB

* Framworks: WordPress theme and plugin, Laravel and React, Magento and Bigcommerce

* Libraries and Tools: typescript, Phaser, Bootstrap, jQuery

* Project Management: Git / Trello / gitlab

* Support and Maintenance: no limitation

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php, wordpress, shopify, bigcommerce, magento