“When everyone in my network is booked up, where do I find fellow freelancers I trust?

Covailnt connects you to freelancers with skills that complement yours, so you can...

Win bigger projects –

the kind that need multiple skillsets to complete

Find smart, reliable partners –

Who can get the job done (without a bunch of hand holding)

Fill your unbooked hours –

by offering your skills and availability to others

You know that the talented, trustworthy folks in your network make the best collaborators.

But talented people get busy, fast.  And if you’re brave enough to seek out a completely new partner, you’ve gotta figure out…

What’s their core competency?

Are they any good?

How soon are they available?

Can I really trust this person?

So you slog through scammy listings and dead-end Craigslist conversations… while your biggest opportunities wait around… and your prospects gradually lose interest.

The Covailnt Directory

Covailnt makes it easy to find reliable fellow freelancers.
Save yourself hours of searching — and fill those hours with billable work.

See others’ skills and style at a glance

Review a fellow freelancer’s skills, portfolio, and location before having the “wanna partner?” talk.

Never get stuck in the “Hey, you busy?” back-and-forth again

Work’s gotta get done, and you don’t have time to ask ten different people about their schedules. With Covailnt, you’ll instantly know who’s booked up right now, and who’s open to new partnerships.

Find folks who work the way you do

The best collaborations happen when everyone’s on the same page. Connect with potential partners to learn about each others’ workstyle before making a commitment.

The Covailnt Feed

Post your need to find potential partners and collaborators, or share your own availability to be discovered by other freelancers.

No sign up required!

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You'll love Covailnt if...

You have exciting client projects on the table, but they require additional skills beyond your specialties

You’re worn out from wading through the spam and bots across regular job boards and marketplaces

You’re ready to fill your network with talented, creative freelancers whose skillsets complement your own

We’re making Covailnt the world’s most trusted place for freelancers to connect and collaborate.

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