About Covailnt

Covailnt is a web app for freelancers who need to work with people they trust.

We envision a world where all freelancers & independent workers can directly control, develop, and grow any aspect of their own careers through the support of their network & community.

We believe freelancers...

...should not be commoditized.
Online marketplaces pit freelancer against freelancer in a race to the lowest bid. This undercuts the value of the services provided and creates a power dynamic that exposes freelancers to continued exploitation.
...should not be isolated.
Freelancing can be lonely… but it shouldn’t be. A dynamic and accessible network is a freelancer’s secret weapon. Freelancers should be able to turn to their peers for support, advice, recommendations, and feedback.
...should not be restricted.
Freelancing inherently comes with freedom. The freedom to choose the kind of work, clients, and projects to take on.  This freedom should extend to how work gets done, how parties communicate, and how compensation is arraigned.
Covailnt is built on peer-to-peer empathy, trust, and collaboration.
We remove the risks of working independently and create the same levels of accountability, authority and potential that historically existed inside traditional business organizations.
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Our core features will always be free, and we will never claim a cut of your bottom line. We won’t mandate how you communicate with others, or ban you if you work outside of the platform. We put freelancers first because we are freelancers first.